From Selection
to Installation

Gregory Art Services provides customized art procurement, framing and installation services for clients in corporate, institutional, hospitality and residential settings. Our turnkey services are scalable to your space – from one room in a restaurant to an entire hotel – and are designed to set you apart while still adhering to the time, money and quality requirements you expect.

Art Acquisitions

No matter the size of your budget, or your space, we rely on a collaborative process to find and deliver the artwork that will satisfy your needs. Once we have an initial consultation to determine what you’re looking for and why, we can reach out to our network of artists to identify and deliver the pieces that will help you create your ideal spaces.

Whether we’re one component of a larger build, or providing a stand-alone service, we have the connections, experience and expertise to deliver the artwork you’re after, on time and within your budget.

Custom Framing

Just as accessories can add an extra layer of style to your clothing, so too can the right frame to a piece of artwork. That’s why we approach the selection of frames with as discerning an eye as we do the selection of art – if the entire piece doesn’t flow, it just won’t have the same impact. Once we’ve identified the frames that will enhance your selected artwork, we custom cut and fit them in our workshop prior to installation.

Custom Installation

Safety and speed are our primary focus when we’re installing your artwork. Especially in public spaces, we take every precaution to securely mount every piece, adhering to specific guidelines when they’re required. Over 20 years, we’ve become accustomed to installing a large number of pieces quickly (and always safely) so we won’t be on site any longer than absolutely necessary.