About Us

We’ve all been to places that have featured some not-so-great artwork on the walls. A boring waiting room. A cookie-cutter hotel lobby. A nondescript office hallway. The fact is, uninspired artwork stands out almost as much as dynamic art does, and can have just as big an impact on the look and feel (or lack thereof) of a particular space. Artwork makes a difference, so it’s important to get it right. 

As the owner and creative force behind Gregory Art Services, Gene Gregory has been an artist and musician his entire life. His artistic sensibilities and discriminating taste are significant reasons for his company’s success, but certainly not the only ones. After 20 years of experience in art services, framing and installation, Gene has honed his ability to not only understand the needs of his diverse clientele, but to meet them in ways they don’t expect.

Gene’s connections in the artist community give his clients access to a wide array of creative choices. Whether it’s one piece for a hotel lobby, or one hundred for a hospital, Gene’s expertise is expressed in his ability to find and deliver multiple pieces of artwork that create a look, feel and overall experience. Why settle for ordinary art, when you can count on Gene to deliver something special?